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Discover the History of Chester County

About the Museum

Discover the history of Chester County! The Chester County Historical Society and Museums are dedicated to preserving significant artifacts and sharing the story of its development and people. Through the preservation and display of historic materials, the museum and archives provide an enriching experience for history enthusiasts, researchers, and anyone interested in the heritage of this remarkable region. Visitors are welcomed to delve into the rich and diverse collections and gain insight into the area’s past.


Chester County Historical Society Museum

Museum Highlights

Located in the historic 1914 Chester County Jail, the museum and archives offer a fascinating and diverse collection of artifacts that reflect the rich history of Chester County. Among the highlights are:

Discover history through the vast gun collection


The archives are home to one of the largest and finest photography collections, featuring works by early photographers John Shorb and Ms. Kennedy. Additionally, the Henry Orion Nichols Collection boasts an estimated 250,000 images, offering a visual journey through Chester County’s history.


Peruse the extensive photograph collection



Hours & Admission 

Suggested Donation

Contact Information: 803-385-2332 or


Annual Meeting for 2024

The Chester County Historical Society will be holding their Annual Meeting on October 17th, 2024, in cooperation with Chester County Government, Chester County Parks, Recreation & Tourism, and funding from the South Carolina Humanities. The Ann Davidson Marion Autograph collection will be the topic of a lecture series, and the topic of our Annual Meeting. We will be displaying many of the autographs (All on First Covers for you Stamp Collectors) and will have a preview of the Collection for MEMBERS ONLY. Members will also be given the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance of the public sale.
Keynote Speakers:
  • Dr. Eddie Lee, Professor of History, Winthrop University
  • David Rose, DJR Authentication Services (Authentication of the Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees, Babe Ruth, and 1939 World Champion Yankees)




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